Would you like to visit a British church to see what it is like? We can bring you along, explain the traditions and then take you home for a meal afterwards. Just contact us.

If you already go to church in your home country, we can help you find a church home here in the UK. There are many welcoming churches in Birmingham. Contact us with details of where you live and your church tradition – or you could consider one of these churches which partner with us and are set up to befriend international students during their time in the UK. We’d be happy to introduce you:

1a / 1b: Selly Park: St Stephen’s & St Wulstan’s

This popular Anglican church contains many people who are very active in welcoming international (and local) students as it is so close to the University of Birmingham.

2a / 2b: Selly Oak and Edgbaston: City Church

This Free Evangelical church has been very involved in running activities for internationals over many years. On Sundays it meets at a school in Edgbaston (2a) but it also runs weekly activities for internationals in Tiverton Road, Selly Oak (2b).

3: Selly Oak: Christian Life Church

This friendly Pentecostal church is made up of over 40 different nationalities.

4: Harborne: Harborne Baptist Church

The pastor of this church enjoys meeting international students as he lived for many years overseas and used to run one of our Globe Cafes.

5: Harborne: St John’s Church

This well-known Anglican church has welcomed international students for many years and hosts one of our CAMEO groups for female academics and students’ wives.

6: Moseley: Riverside Church

This church aims to be welcoming and relevant to those without any Christian background. It meets in Moseley but also has very accessible online services via YouTube.

7: City Centre: Second City Church

This is a very welcoming church with many students.

8: City Centre: Birmingham Chinese Evangelical Church

This church has services in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. It runs weekly Cantonese- and English-language activities for students at the church itself, and also supports a university society which runs Mandarin-language activities on the University of Birmingham campus.

9: City Centre: St Martin in the Bull Ring

You will see this historical church when you visit the Bull Ring shopping centre.

10: City Centre: Birmingham City Church

This is a large Pentecostal church with many nationalities and social activities.


There are many other great churches in Birmingham near its university campuses. Ask us for more details.